Remarketed reveals new cooperation to enhance solutions

Remarketed reveals new cooperation to enhance solutions

The marketplace Popsy and Remarketed launched a new trade-in program for old devices in the Middle East. Users can easily exchange their smartphones, laptops, tablets and smartwatches for cash. This partnership offers a process where users get an instant trade-in quote for their devices. Users can send their items to Remarketed for free, where they will get a fast check. After the check is done and the device is confirmed, users will get their payment.

The Head of Growth at Remarketed, Sander Matthezing, reveals his excitement for this collaboration, underlining that the “trade-in program not only provides a hassle-free way for users to unlock the value of their old devices, but also aligns with our mission to promote sustainability by extending the life of consumer electronics”.

Jean-Marie Truelle from Popsy also revealed his enthusiasm for their sustainable path highlighting that their “commitment to environmentally friendly practices is exemplified by this initiative, as we not only want to offer users access to discounted, high-quality reconditioned electronics, but also offer extra cash for their devices. This marks a crucial step towards establishing a closed loop for a successful circular economy in the region”.

This partnership clearly shows the sustainable direction for both companies and the need to expand the sustainable market. This aligns well with the initiative of processing the devices in the Middle East.

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