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How to keep your phone alive and kicking for five years with these simple tips

We need smartphones, but they die fast. Want to keep yours longer? Here are 5 secrets to make your smartphone work like new for longer:

    1. Battery – Don’t let your smartphone’s battery drain your wallet!
      Don’t kill your phone with bad charging habits. Unplug at 100%, plug in at 10-15%. Save battery by turning off data, airplane mode, or power when idle. Adjust screen brightness to the light.
    2. A shell and screen protector: the ultimate protection for your phone
      Our smartphones often get hit, dropped or exposed to harsh weather and need protection from these threats.  Think about putting it in a case and adding a film or glass on the screen to prevent you from breaking it in the first mishap.
  • Heat, cold and humidity: the enemies of your phone and how to fight them
    Keep it away from the sun to avoid damaging its parts and making its battery swell. The same applies to the cold. Also, be careful of wet places if you don’t want to cause short circuits. Smartphones are not designed for extreme environments and they work best between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Sort out your memory!
    Don’t let your phone lag or overheat when you need it most. Keep it fast and smooth by cleaning up your apps, data and cache regularly. Delete what you don’t use and free up space. And when that’s not enough, back up your data and reset your phone. It may sound scary, but it works.
  • Keep your phone up to date and secure with regular software updates

You know that annoying notification that tells you to update your phone’s software? You may be tempted to ignore it or delay it for days or weeks. But trust me, it’s better to just do it as soon as possible.

Five years with the same phone? Yes, it’s possible with these tips!

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