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Tele2 promotes sustainable forestry with AirForestry and Nokia 5G Private Wireless

With Nokia’s support, Tele2 is giving AirForestry a private 5G mobile network to manage its six-metre-wide electric drones, which thin and harvest forests from the sky. The trial will last until 2024 and, if it works, the goal is to expand the solution to commercial forestry activities. Tele2 will implement the solution, which ensures a reliable, private connection in isolated forest regions and offers higher speeds and availability.

Accentuating on maximum efficiency and sustainability, Stefan Trampus, Executive Vice President B2B at Tele2 mentioned that “Airforestry’s technology is undoubtedly revolutionary, and their vision is to make forest harvesting more efficient and sustainable which is groundbreaking. It is extremely gratifying to be part of this journey and contribute to the realization of completely new innovations. 5G and private wireless networks remove previous limitations and create unlimited business opportunities, and we look forward to more applications that can increase companies’ innovation and competitiveness”

Nokia is eager to provide its Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) for the supply of a reliable performance, high bandwidth, and low latency that facilitate digital transformation for the forestry industry. Stephane Haulbert, Nokia Enterprise Partners Business Leader in Europe shared his excitement on this partnership and stated its importance as “It is resource-efficient and reduces damage on the ground level to an absolute minimum”.

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