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Alchemy and Greenly’s Partnership for CO2 Clarity


In an era where achieving carbon neutrality is a paramount goal for businesses, Alchemy, the designated Irish partner for Apple’s trade-in program encompassing iPhones, watches, and MacBooks, has embarked on a strategic alliance with the carbon accounting platform, Greenly. This collaboration positions Alchemy as the sole device refurbisher in the industry with the capability to provide certified carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) savings for each device they sell, marking a significant milestone in the refurbished device market’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Greenly operates as a comprehensive carbon accounting platform, offering essential services to businesses in their quest to quantify, mitigate, and disclose their carbon footprints. The platform delivers detailed analytics and facilitates transparent reporting, empowering companies to deepen their understanding of their ecological footprint and implement effective reduction strategies. Through Greenly, businesses can acquire intricate knowledge about the carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) produced at every stage of their operations, encompassing the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing processes, product transportation, and the disposal phase at the product’s end of life. This enables a holistic approach to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Greenly has undertaken a thorough examination of Alchemy’s entire refurbishment cycle, encompassing the logistics, processing, repair, and distribution phases. This comprehensive analysis has allowed Greenly to gather extensive data on the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions associated with each stage of a device’s lifecycle, including the sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing processes, transportation, and eventual end-of-life disposal. As a result of this partnership, Alchemy is now able to ‘provide unique transparency into the CO 2 e of every device sold’. The certification provided by Greenly empowers businesses to gain a more precise understanding of the total environmental impact of their technological assets, in line with key sustainability metrics.

Stephen Wise, Global Marketing Director, Circular Economy at Alchemy states that “As companies struggle to become more sustainable, we aim to make it easier for them to see positive impact. The first step to a more sustainable business is to reduce emissions as much as possible, before compensating for what cannot be reduced.

“Choosing reconditioned IT devices avoids an average of 76.05 kg of CO 2 emissions1. Our new partnership with Greenly makes us the only provider that can certify the avoided CO 2 e for each individually purchased device. Our partnership also means companies can filter the models they want to purchase by their sustainability credentials, making it easier to measure potential savings against sustainability targets.

“It is important that companies understand both the environmental and financial impact of their technology in their strategies to achieve Net Zero. Reducing a company’s carbon impact through refurbished technology is particularly important for companies with high Scope 3 emissions, such as service companies or companies that outsource the majority of their operations.”

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