Recommerce brings trade-in magic to MediaMarkt Switzerland

German mySWOOOP secures D2C ReCommerce as its new majority partner

The French refurbisher Recommerce has been making headlines recently. A few days ago, they announced a new partnership with the Belgian operator Orange. Further details have now been emerged about their collaboration with MediaMarkt in Switzerland.

Since 2022, MediaMarkt has exclusively sold devices refurbished by Recommerce. The latest update from Recommerce reveals that they will now also handle trade-ins for Europe’s largest electronics retailer. However, this arrangement is currently exclusive to Switzerland. In most other countries, MediaMarkt collaborates with the Swedish company Foxway. 

Rather than returning traded-in devices to MediaMarkt, Recommerce opts to sell them directly through the retailer’s online marketplace. Additionally, in a joint venture with MediaMarkt, Recommerce is rolling out the innovative ‘Gadget-as-a-Service’ (GaaS) model.

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