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Bouygues Telecom and Ruwido recycle old remote controls for STB

In line with the Paris Agreement to lower its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, Bouygues Telecom is now collaborating with Ruwido to create more sustainable remote controls for its Bbox 4k HDR TV set-top box. These new remote controls have a 100% recycled plastic housing, from old remote controls of the operator.

Laure Joslet, Deputy General Manager for the Consumer and Professional Market at Bouygues Telecom stated that his firm is “one of the first telecom operators to implement this circular economy model” and that “starting 2024, 100% of the new remote controls for our Bbox TV set-top boxes will be produced from recycled materials”. He also emphasised on Bouygues’ determination by stating that “Bouygues Telecom demonstrates its ability to innovate and evolve its production methods to reduce the environmental footprint of its products, and we are very proud of it”.

Ferdinand Maier, owner and CEO of Ruwido undeniably remains proud of its association with the French operator and described it as two decades of “great cooperation and partnership”. By recycling their own post-consumer material to create new products, Bouygues and Ruwido show their common commitment and vision to protect our planet and this is an impressive feat for a better world!

By recycling 21,435 kg of old equipment in 2023, Bouygues Telecom was able to make 428,000 new remote controls with less plastic and lower carbon emissions. This data already demonstrates their environmental responsibility and sustainability. Bouygues’ recycling loop is said to cut 21 metric tons of CO2 in 2024.

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