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BT strengthen its sustainability solutions for its network and infrastructure

BT is working hard to reach its goal of being net zero by 2031 and is relying on liquid cooling solutions for its networks and IT infrastructure. The UK telco expects to reduce its energy consumption and increase its efficiency and even showcased some of the new technologies that it hopes will help it achieve net zero at its first Sustainability Festival at its Adastral Park research centre in mid-September. Most of these technologies are aimed at finding ways to cool down data centre equipment, which is a big problem for the whole tech sector.

One of BT’s liquid cooling solution partners is Immersion4 but the telco is currently working with various partners to find out which solutions are best for different situations and how much energy they can save. These techniques could reduce the power needed to cool systems by about 40% to 50% compared to normal air cooling, especially at data centres and could also save space and materials.

As technology progresses, there is an objective of finding ways to make solutions more energy-efficient and Maria Cuevas, networks research director at BT highlighted their initiative by stating that “Liquid cooling for network and IT infrastructure is one part of a much bigger jigsaw but is an area we’re very excited to explore with our technology partners”. This undeniably depicts the UK giant’s willingness to make the most of the possible energy savings.

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