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Ericsson launches solution for energy optimisation in network sites

Ericsson launches solution for energy optimisation in network sites

Ericsson’s new Site Energy Orchestration solution is revolutionising how networks utilise energy, serving as a smart link between the RAN and power grids to enhance energy efficiency and open up new financial opportunities. This system is particularly relevant in light of recent energy crises, highlighting the necessity for intelligent energy management and the integration of renewable sources to reduce consumption. The growing demand from electric vehicles and the variability of renewable energy production underscore the importance of aligning energy generation with usage.

The solution stands out for its use of machine learning and AI-powered applications, which enable service providers to manage network sites as a virtual power plant, participating in diverse utility programs. By intelligently adjusting energy consumption patterns, it avoids peak charges and directs energy where it’s needed, optimising operations to cut costs and explore new revenue streams like energy trading.

Ericsson’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its comprehensive suite of site power and energy storage solutions, which contribute to the industry’s Net Zero ambitions by reducing carbon emissions. The Site Energy Orchestration solution, integrated with Ericsson Network Manager and supported by a vast field presence, has already deployed approximately 150,000 smart enclosures globally, demonstrating significant energy savings and operational efficiency.

Martin Högberg, Head of Product Line Site, Business Area Networks, at Ericsson, states that this “… structure keeps us safe and connected to both power and each other. But we’re going beyond this goal – we are taking the next step in ‘breaking the energy curve’ by not only empowering service providers to lower their power bills and reduce carbon emissions but also open new revenue streams by participating in the energy trading market. The steep growth we see in mobile networks using lithium batteries builds the foundation”.

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