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BT introduces eco-Friendly ‘Cell Sleep’ innovation to EE sites

BT introduces eco-Friendly 'Cell Sleep' innovation to EE sites

BT Group has launched a nationwide rollout of ‘cell sleep’ technology at EE mobile sites, enhancing energy efficiency following successful trials across the UK. This innovative software conserves energy by temporarily deactivating 4G LTE capacity carriers during low usage periods, as determined by machine learning algorithms. To ensure seamless service, the system promptly reactivates these carriers in response to increased demand or unexpected traffic spikes.

The ‘cell sleep’ and ‘deep sleep’ modes, supplied by RAN equipment providers, are informed by BT Group’s data and autonomous statistical algorithms. These modes are expected to save up to 2 KWh per site each day, amounting to an annual saving of 4.5m KWh across EE’s network. This significant reduction in energy use contributes to BT Group’s goal of minimising its impact on the local power grid.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, BT Group aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions by March 2031. The company has already discontinued its 3G network, resulting in annual energy savings of 17.44 million KWh. Additionally, BT Group is transitioning to more energy-efficient RAN equipment, such as the deployment of Massive MIMO technology, which consumes up to 40% less energy than previous models. These efforts underscore BT Group’s dedication to reducing its energy footprint as the UK’s leading provider of broadband and mobile services.

Commenting on this initiative, Greg McCall, Chief Networks Officer of BT Group states that “There is huge potential for energy savings across our networks by dynamically matching power consumption against network usage. The optimisation and roll-out of cell sleep technology to over 19,500 sites across the UK is a significant milestone in achieving this, and an important development in countering the massive growth in data consumption we’re seeing across our networks”.

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