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Orange provides sustainable solutions for French enterprises

Orange provides sustainable solutions for French enterprises

Orange Business is addressing the environmental concerns of French companies with its new Circular Mobility offer, aimed at reducing carbon footprints. This initiative responds to the increasing demand for eco-friendly devices by providing options that generate fewer emissions, such as sustainable mobile phones that produce less than 50 kg of CO2 equivalent during production. The offer encompasses smartphone leasing, device collection for refurbishment or recycling, and additional services like carbon footprint assessments, combining connectivity with a commitment to sustainability.

Orange’s Circular Mobility offer provides a selection of 30 mobile device models from top brands, including eco-friendlier options that meet a CO2 emission threshold. Despite some discrepancies in manufacturers’ emissions data, Orange’s leasing program encourages longer device use and recycling, which can significantly reduce carbon footprints by 26% to 40% compared to new or non-recycled phones. The initiative also includes flexible data plans to further decrease emissions, with the potential to lower a device’s carbon footprint by 19% if its lifespan is extended by a year.

Orange’s Circular Mobility initiative, part of the broader Re program in France, includes a carbon assessment tool by AFNOR to ensure accurate ecological impact measurement. This initiative is a response to the significant emissions from user devices, which constitute the majority of the telecom sector’s carbon footprint. By buying back and refurbishing customer devices, and offering leasing options, Orange not only extends the lifespan of electronics but also provides businesses with energy-efficient models. This approach aligns with the increasing consumer trend towards sustainable and cost-effective refurbished devices, marking a step forward in the circular economy and addressing the urgent climate challenges faced by the ICT industry.

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