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Virgin Media O2’s contribution to addressing electronic waste

Virgin Media O2’s contribution to addressing electronic waste

In recognition of Earth Day, April 22nd, Virgin Media O2 took a stand against electronic waste by launching an educational campaign on Virgin TV. This initiative includes a 60-second promotional video set to air on Channel 100 and as pre-rolls, emphasising the UK’s growing e-waste challenge and encouraging sustainable disposal of electronics. The effort aims to prevent unnecessary landfill accumulation and inform customers about responsible e-waste management.

Virgin Media O2 is actively combating e-waste through various recycling options, including the O2 Recycle program, which has processed nearly four million devices since 2009. Customers can also bring small electronics to any O2 store or donate smartphones to the ‘Community Calling’ initiative for redistribution to those in need. Despite new research indicating a lack of awareness and confidence in e-waste disposal among the public, Virgin Media O2 is addressing this gap with educational content. Additionally, Virgin TV offers a selection of programs focused on climate change and pollution, underscoring the role of the circular economy in mitigating these issues.

Addressing the situation, David Bouchier, Chief TV and Entertainment Officer at Virgin Media O2 stressed that “E-waste is a growing problem in a world that is more reliant on electronic devices than ever. “With our research showing TV is one of the most powerful ways to inform people about important issues such as the climate crisis, we hope our specially created film and programme collection will help our customers learn more about what they can do to protect the planet.”

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