Recommerce and Magyar Telekom partnership thrives in Hungary

Magyar Telekom

Owned by Deutsche Telekom, Hungary’s biggest mobile network Magyar Telekom, and Recommerce Group, a French used smartphone dealer, will boost their used product selections in their partnership, following a promising debut last year. Also noteworthy is the fact that Magyar Telekom customers have been purchasing Recommerce devices since October.

This successful launch, endorsed by a comprehensive media campaign on television and online, indicates that Hungarians are also becoming more and more keen on buying sustainable products, demonstrating therefore the increase in the eco-friendly mindset. Zoltán Pereszlényi, Chief Commercial Officer of Magyar Telekom, emphasised upon the importance of this partnership as it helps in increasing their sustainability path, as well as being able to “offer people the best-in-class devices at a reasonable price, while we take another step towards our sustainability goals.”

To recall, Recommerce Group launched a new office in Budapest, Hungary in October, expanding its presence to 10 countries in Europe and 3 countries in Eastern Europe with local teams. In the following weeks, the operator will boost its portfolio to other references, offering only premium ratings, to meet every consumer and encourage refurbishment and circular economy in the smartphone market.

Hector Destailleur, General Manager CEE at Recommerce Group highlighted the group’s development and growth by saying “Our objective is to develop the refurbishment market in Central Eastern Europe as we believe it holds great potential. With our local presence in the area since 2021 in Romania, and now with our new office in Hungary, we’re eager to join forces with reputable and powerful retailers such as Magyar Telecom who share our passion for growth and consumer interests, as well as eco-friendly values. We believe that enabling other companies to invest in circular economy is the fastest way to spread and develop the refurbishment market in the area”.


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