Recommerce expands partnership network with Leasi

Recommerce expands partnership network with Leasi

Recommerce announces a strategic partnership with Leasi, an innovative force in the technology product subscription landscape. This alliance introduces Leasi’s clientele to an extensive array of premium refurbished smartphones for lease, each meticulously inspected and bestowed with the RECQ certification. This initiative underscores a shared commitment to fostering responsible consumption and extending the lifecycle of technology products.

This collaboration is rooted in a shared vision of sustainability, leveraging Recommerce Group’s fifteen years of industry expertise to facilitate its partners’ shift towards eco-friendly practices. The group provides comprehensive solutions that streamline the integration of refurbished products into their offerings, thereby promoting a greener approach to technology use.

The synergy between Recommerce and Leasi is poised to make a transformative impact on the technology sector. By championing sustainable consumption habits and prioritising the longevity of products, we aim to catalyse a shift towards a more sustainable and circular technology economy, where the value of products is maximised and environmental impact minimised.

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