Techniek Nederland leading the way for a reduced VAT rate on repairs

VAT rate on repair

Techniek Nederland highlights that “Every day, consumers, repair companies and refurbishers make valuable contributions to the circular economy by reusing consumer electronics,” and the ‘right to repair’ proposal from Europe acts as a game-changer for these efforts.  It will ensure a level playing field for repairers and consumers and lower the costs and barriers for parts, tools and information and Techniek Nederland is pushing for a cut in the VAT rate on electronics repairs.

Repairs are the key to extending the life of smartphones in other European countries. The government gives you a voucher of up to € 250 if you mend your phone. And the results speak for themselves – the measures are repeatedly prolonged and enhanced. Repairs over new equipment would cut carbon and boost sustainability. With sustainability on the rise, the House of Representatives backs lower VAT rates for repairs. This shows they know how vital repair is for a circular and green economy.

To further their argument, Techniek Nederland states that “Reducing the VAT rate for repair services would not only provide financial benefits for consumers, but also provide a significant boost to employment in the repair sector. Moreover, it would have a positive impact on the overall economy by encouraging local repair services and reducing dependence on throwaway culture”.


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