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EcoVadis gold medal goes to VodafoneZiggo again


A gold medal from EcoVadis, a reliable evaluator of sustainability ratings, has been awarded to VodafoneZiggo for its commitment to sustainability once again. This distinction places VodafoneZiggo in the top 5% of outstanding companies, highlighting the company’s ongoing efforts to achieve ethical and sustainable business practices, in partnership with suppliers.

VodafoneZiggo scored 72 out of 100 in the latest evaluation, showing its improved sustainability performance from last year. Stating that “before products and services reach customers, they go through an extensive process”, the company demonstrates itself as a responsible and sustainable one. The EcoVadis platform helps to monitor suppliers’ sustainability and ethics. By 2023, VodafoneZiggo will have assessed 299 key suppliers, and plans to reach 350 by 2025, to enhance sustainability throughout the value chain.

VodafoneZiggo not only wins medals, but also helps its suppliers get at least a bronze EcoVadis medal. John Werry, purchasing director, stresses working with suppliers to achieve and surpass the standards. VodafoneZiggo also used a ‘carbon action module’ in 2023 to urge suppliers to share their carbon reduction plans, goals and data, helping them understand their emissions and waste better. Despite the difficulties of sourcing responsibly and providing quality and affordable products, VodafoneZiggo pursues a sustainable and fair chain. John Werry says these efforts benefit both the company and customers, who want products and services with a positive social impact.

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