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Three UK and Ericsson’s sustainable network revolution

Three UK and Ericsson's sustainable network revolution

Three UK, in collaboration with Ericsson, has achieved a remarkable 70% improvement in energy efficiency at certain sites, marking a significant milestone in their network sustainability efforts. This success is attributed to the deployment of Ericsson’s next-generation AI-powered hardware and software solutions, which have been integrated over the past 18 months as part of Three UK’s network modernisation program. The initiative combines industry-leading energy-efficient radios with AI and data analytics to optimise network energy performance.

In late 2023, Three UK was among the first in the UK to introduce Ericsson’s dual-band Radio 4490, an award-winning device known for its reduced power consumption and lighter weight, which facilitates easier site access and accelerates upgrades. This hardware advancement, coupled with energy-saving software features, enables radios to use less power during periods of low traffic. The innovative use of machine learning, passive cooling, and Micro Sleep technology allows radio components to autonomously deactivate when idle and reactivate within microseconds for new service requests.

The strategic partnership between Three UK and Ericsson has not only enhanced network performance but also significantly reduced the environmental impact. The implementation of these technologies has led to a substantial decrease in CO2 emissions and a smaller site footprint, all while maintaining high standards of network service and efficiency.

Iain Milligan, Chief Network Officer, Three UK commented on this partnership, labelling it as a “…milestone in our commitment to sustainability” and that they “… plan to take these learnings on board for future projects, ensuring that we continue to improve the environmental impact of our network.” Similarly, Evangelia Tzifa, Chief Technology Officer, Networks & Managed Services, Ericsson UK and Ireland, expressed that alongside Three UK, they “…are redefining the network of the future and making it both smarter and more energy efficient” and they are “…building a modern digital infrastructure together that brings not only superior performance for Three customers, but also helps to make the future more promising and sustainable.”

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