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Reborn crafting a sustainable ecosystem with Orange

Reborn crafting a sustainable ecosystem with Orange

In a significant move for the telecommunications industry, Reborn has officially joined forces with Orange, marking the beginning of a promising commercial partnership. Reborn, known for its commitment to quality and innovation, is now an official supplier for Orange, a company that has already made significant strides in the sustainable economy.

The synergy between Reborn and Orange stems from a mutual understanding of the importance of sustainability in today’s world. Both companies have expressed excitement about the partnership, recognising the potential to enhance their offerings while adhering to their core values of quality and transparency. As Reborn becomes an integral part of Orange’s supply chain, customers can expect a new level of trust and reliability in the products they purchase.

Reborn’s smartphones are now available in stores and online on the Orange website. This accessibility ensures that the latest in eco-friendly innovation is just a click away, bringing the combined expertise of Reborn and Orange directly to the hands of the consumer. With this partnership, both companies affirm their commitment to a greener, more responsible tech industry.

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