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Three UK unveils its sustainability committee

Three UK unveils its sustainability committee

Three UK’s commitment to sustainability has been significantly propelled by its dedicated team. In late 2023, leveraging the groundwork laid by the Sustainability Working Group, the company established a new Sustainability Committee. This committee is tasked with fostering internal transformation to meet the sustainability goals outlined in the Sustainable Connections initiative.

Each member of the Sustainability Committee is pivotal in both representing their department and advancing the company’s sustainability strategy. As ambassadors, they evaluate current practices, pinpoint improvements, and suggest methods to enhance sustainable operations. Additionally, they play a key role in developing sustainability reports by gathering data, analysing it, and reporting on crucial performance indicators.

Derval O’Brien, Sustainability Manager Ireland and UK at Three stressed on the committee’s efforts and mentioned that “I couldn’t be more impressed with the individuals we have on our Sustainability Committee. Being on the committee isn’t part of their day-to-day role, but everyone who has joined has shown a real passion for driving change here at Three. We all know the targets we have, and they are ambitious, but each person has committed to being accountable for enabling the Sustainability agenda; delivering initiatives within their functions and challenging where necessary so that we can all achieve our targets”.

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