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Vodafone UK’s take on refurbished market

Vodafone UK’s take on refurbished market

Recent research unveiled on Earth Day 2024 indicates that British consumers are increasingly committed to eco-friendly practices, with 68% enhancing their environmental efforts in the last two years. Simple actions like reducing food waste, planting trees, and opting for walking or cycling have gained traction as effective carbon footprint reducers. Despite this, awareness of the environmental and cost benefits of purchasing refurbished mobile devices remains low, even as sales of such devices, like Vodafone’s refurbs, have surged by 83%. This highlights a significant gap in consumer knowledge about sustainable choices in technology.

Vodafone’s recent analysis suggests a significant environmental impact if 50% of UK residents chose refurbished phones in 2024, potentially saving 63,750,000kg of carbon, enough to power over 88,000 homes for a year. As the urgency of climate change mounts, Vodafone is promoting refurbished devices as a way to access the latest technology, like the iPhone 15 or Samsung Galaxy S23, while minimising carbon footprints. Although nearly half of the population feels inundated by climate discourse, a substantial majority is willing to take greener actions if given clear guidance.

Vodafone is addressing the concerns of 30% of Brits hesitant about refurbished phones, who worry about battery life, durability, and defects, by introducing its Lifetime Service Promise on Vodafone EVO. This promise ensures that every phone, new or refurbished, comes with a Battery Refresh and Lifetime Warranty at no additional cost. Moreover, Vodafone EVO offers an attractive way to purchase refurbished phones with 0% APR, flexible 3-36 month contracts, low upfront costs, and the option to upgrade as early as three months into the plan, making it a cost-effective and reliable choice for consumers.

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