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Vodafone and Closing the Loop’s One for One rally together for eco-friendly progress

Vodafone and Closing the Loop’s One for One rally together for eco-friendly progress

Annually, over 50 million tons of electronic waste accumulate globally, posing a universal challenge. In several African nations, the absence of proper recycling facilities is causing this waste to mount, threatening human health and environmental safety. Vodafone Germany has adopted Closing the Loop’s “One for One” initiative, a Dutch endeavor focused on transforming African electronic waste into useful materials.

The question arises therefore on why the target is Africa? The issue of electronic waste is worldwide, but Africa bears the brunt of it, evident in the huge piles of e-waste. Nonetheless, the One for One scheme presents a sustainable answer: with every purchase of a new mobile handset from Vodafone Germany, an equivalent old handset from Africa is recycled. It’s a simple yet effective strategy.

As of now, Closing the Loop has salvaged over 1.5 million mobile phones, equating to upwards of 80 tons of electronic scrap. Yet, this heap of waste is a treasure trove of precious materials, boasting over 8 kilograms of gold, 27 kilograms of silver, and a staggering 6,300 kilograms of copper. These resources are being reintegrated into the circular economy, courtesy of the One for One initiative. One for One stands among the globe’s most extensive cell phone recycling efforts, with a goal to rescue at least another 1.2 million aged mobile phones in the coming year, a feat that the Netherlands can take pride in.

This endeavor is not just about preserving valuable resources. Vodafone and Closing the Loop are also establishing safe employment opportunities and fair compensation, offering consistent monthly earnings to more than 3,800 Ghanaians.

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