PCI and Circular IT group forge a strategic alliance

PCI and Circular-IT group forge a strategic alliance

PCI Nederland BV and Circular IT group announce a strategic partnership to advance circular IT services and products, marking a notable shift from acquisition to collaboration, backed by investor Waterland. PCI will market Circular IT group’s refurbished hardware as ‘PCI Greenline,’ initially focusing on computers, smartphones, and mobile devices, with future expansion into audiovisual and network/server/storage solutions.

Bas Kamphuis, CEO of PCI emphasised on their collaboration, stating that “The synergy is not only noticeable in the addition of the product categories and service portfolio, but also in our joint commitment to quality assurance, the desire to work with the right certifications, the optimization of processes and the ambition to continue to innovate. All this with one common goal in mind: achieving satisfied customers”.

Maarten de Roos, the CEO of Circular IT group, views the partnership with PCI as a chance to enhance sustainability throughout the IT industry. The latter states that “PCI has already anchored sustainability in the printing industry. Together we can extend this approach to the IT industry as a whole. From computing and AV to smartphones and server, storage and network solutions, for customers in both the public and private domain, from 250 to 20,000 workplaces. Together we can give concrete substance to the ESG objectives of our customers”.

Sander van der Velden, the CCO of PCI, highlights the increasing need for eco-friendly IT solutions, saying that “The market is increasingly demanding sustainable IT solutions, but not at any price. This collaboration allows us to provide sustainable solutions that are cost-efficient and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, while always putting safety, security and compliance first”.

To recall, the partnership, which is set for a duration of three years, commenced on January 1, 2024, focusing on providing a selection of refurbished hardware. The joint procurement initiative is scheduled to begin on July 1, 2024.

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