Assurant is going green with its Carbon IQ solution

Carbon IQ is a new tool from Assurant, a global leader in the secondary market for electronic devices, which is currently operating in 21 countries and in more than 5 European countries. It helps users understand the CO2 impact of each device throughout its life cycle, from production to disposal. It also shows the CO2 emissions of used mobile phones, so users can compare them with new ones and make smarter choices. Whether they choose new or refurbished, Carbon IQ gives them the power to know their carbon footprint.

In their attempt to highlight their ambition, Assurant’s Executive Vice President and President of Global Connected Living and International, Biju Nair, stated that in order to achieve sustainability goals, customers are “looking for more accurate data to help define and refine their circularity strategies for mobile devices in their ecosystem” and that their solution, Carbon IQ, allows them to track carbon footprint through dashboards that “enable companies to quickly and easily gain insight into the impact of CO2 emissions from devices, which can guide decision-making.”

Assurant believes that the main source of CO2 emissions for new smartphones is the production phase and the materials used. However, this certainly is not the case for refurbished phones, which have already undergone the manufacturing process. So, opting for refurbished phones in particular can make a big difference by reducing the carbon footprint by up to 90%.


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