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České Radiokomunikace embraces green energy for a better future

CRA, a Czech operator, has switched to DVB-T2 digital broadcasting technology, which has greatly lowered the energy consumption for media content distribution. The operator has pledged to use only renewable energy sources by 2025. The company is now at 46 percent and expects to reach the 100 percent goal soon by buying green energy and installing solar panels gradually.

The ESG report from the operator the Czech Republic reveals that terrestrial digital channels use only 26 large and 60 small DVB T2 transmitters to broadcast a TV signal across the country. This method of broadcasting is much more energy efficient than online TV, which consumes more bandwidth and electricity. Terrestrial broadcasting also has an advantage in terms of cyber security, as it is less vulnerable to hacking and interference.

The telco is also experimenting with 5G broadcasting technology, which will enable terrestrial digital TV to be transmitted directly to mobile devices, reducing the environmental impact of this service. Additionally, CRA is implementing IoT systems that leverage LoRaWAN networks and cloud computing to enhance sustainability. These systems allow for remote monitoring and control of various devices and sensors, optimizing energy consumption and performance.

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