Ericsson and Tomra join forces to advance circular economy practices

Ericsson and Tomra join forces to advance circular economy practices

Ericsson and TOMRA are joining forces to revolutionise waste management by enhancing transparency, traceability, and the optimization of waste streams. This collaboration is set to bolster their shared goal of reducing environmental litter and fostering a more circular approach to waste. TOMRA Collection’s innovative reverse vending machines are pivotal in this mission, enabling the recycling and repurposing of beverage containers into new products.

The synergy between Ericsson’s Connected Recycling SaaS platform and TOMRA’s technology is a significant step towards minimising reliance on landfills and incineration. By integrating their systems, they aim to transform waste into valuable circular materials. The effectiveness of this partnership will be showcased through a live demonstration at the HPE Discover event in Las Vegas, highlighting the tangible benefits of their combined technological advancements.

The Head of TOMRA Collection, Marius Fraurud stated that their objective is “ drive circularity through innovative solutions” and that their “..reverse vending machines play a crucial role by collecting and sorting used beverage containers while generating precise data on these materials”. The latter emphasised that by collaborating with Ericsson they are “…demonstrating how we can turn waste into a valuable resource and drive more sustainable practices in the industry”.

Similarly, Ericsson’s Head of Connected Recycling, Sophia Fahlen highlighted Ericsson’s prominence in connectivity and digitalization, alongside TOMRA’s expertise in collection and sorting systems as a “… great opportunity to show how our combined experience and ability to execute at scale, could transform the waste industry, increasing circularity and minimising the environmental impact of waste”.

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