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Foxway modifies DaaS offering due to market challenges

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The Swedish refurbisher announced that its ‘Device as a Service’ offering will now feature premium refurbished devices, making it more sustainable, without compromising on performance and quality. As sustainability becomes more important and reporting requirements change, the market for used devices is expanding, according to Foxway. The company is launching a solution that will address these issues and cater to the growing demand.

The group’s President of Circular Workspace Solutions, Steinar Aune, mentioned that “We aspire to change not only the tech industry but also how we think and act when procuring devices. By including premium refurbished devices into a subscription solution, we make it simple for our customers to make more sustainable choices in a cost-efficient way” and accentuated on their product quality service stating that “Foxway goes through testing, repair, and repainting, ensuring that they meet and exceed today’s expectations for refurbished tech”.

Foxway’s approach enables organisations to confidently and affordably use refurbished devices and join the tech-industry’s circular economy. This remains a very important feature and progress in light of the new sustainability standards for organisations and the growing popularity of refurbished tech.

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