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KPN to shift towards solar energy in 2025

KPN to shift towards solar energy in 2025

In a significant advancement of its sustainability efforts, KPN is set to harness solar energy by procuring electricity from Eneco’s Kabeljauwbeek solar farm, located in Woensdrecht, Brabant. Starting in early 2025, the solar farm, equipped with around 88,000 panels, will begin powering KPN’s fixed and mobile networks with renewable energy. This move is part of a 15-year contract with Eneco, marking a commitment to eco-friendly practices and a greener future for KPN’s operations.

Eneco is constructing its largest solar farm in Woensdrecht, which, along with the Kabeljauwbeek wind farm and additional solar panels on KPN buildings, will significantly contribute to KPN’s green energy supply. By 2027, KPN aims to source two-thirds of its electricity from these sustainable installations. The innovative ‘pay as nominated’ system ensures KPN purchases energy matching the output from these renewable sources, optimising the use of solar and wind energy throughout the year. This strategy aligns with KPN’s long-term green energy commitments, propelling the Netherlands towards a more sustainable electricity production model.

Joost Farwerck, KPN’s CEO stated that “We at KPN have been committed to a better internet for years. This is not only faster and more stable, but also more social, safer and greener. That is why we are making the transition to sustainable energy sources. From next year, a large part of our power needs will come from the new Kabeljauwbeek solar park. Two years later we will add electricity from the Ecowende wind farm that is now being built. In three years’ time, almost all our customers will be using the internet via a sustainable and efficient network that we feed with the right power at the right time, via energy from the sun and wind”.

KPN has been a pioneer in green energy, with its networks powered sustainably since 2011 and achieving climate neutrality in operations by 2015. Remarkably, KPN has reduced its energy consumption by 42% since 2010, even as data usage surged by nearly 28 times. Committed to ongoing efficiency, KPN aims to cut energy use by another 10% by 2030 and pursue circular economy goals to eliminate emissions across its value chain by 2040.


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