Recommerce continues its sustainability pledge

Recommerce continues its sustainability pledge

Recommerce Group has taken a bold leap in the realm of corporate responsibility by signing the Sustainable Consumption Pledge. This pledge is not merely a token of participation in the global dialogue on sustainability but a declaration of leadership. The initiative, spearheaded by the European Commission, aims to elevate sustainability practices across various industries. For Recommerce, this pledge is a commitment to a series of transformative actions that will echo throughout their operations and beyond.

By embracing the Sustainable Consumption Pledge, Recommerce Group is setting a course towards carbon neutrality with a comprehensive low carbon strategy to be implemented by 2024. This strategy is centered on the reduction and avoidance of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a critical step in mitigating climate change. Furthermore, the group is championing circular economy principles by boosting the sale of refurbished products and ensuring a steady 3% rate of recycled products from the total volume collected each year. In addition to environmental measures, Recommerce is also enhancing social sustainability throughout their value chain, from bolstering Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives among partners to fostering local job creation, thereby making a substantial societal impact.

To recall, the group recently inaugurated a new office in Prague, marking a significant milestone as the Czech Republic becomes the 11th country to join their growing presence in Central and Eastern Europe. This expansion, which follows successful launches in Romania, Poland, and Hungary, is set to be led by Tomáš Chrastil, the newly appointed CEE Sales Manager. Chrastil will not only drive growth initiatives from the Prague hub but will also play a pivotal role in furthering the company’s reach into Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bulgaria.

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