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Simple and Effective Ways to Preserve Your Battery Life

Charge your phone wisely
Nickel batteries are outdated compared to lithium-ion batteries, which need more recharges. To make them last longer, keep them around 50-80% charged and avoid draining or overcharging them. This prevents overheating and damage. Imagine eating too little or too much all the time. Not good, right?

Adapt and overcome brightness
One of the main reasons your smartphone battery runs out fast is the screen’s backlight. You can save battery both in the short and long term by turning off the auto-adjustment feature and dimming the brightness level. Also, avoid using bright screens like AMOLED or Quad-HD, which consume more energy. Instead, opt for dark backgrounds over white ones. Another tip is to use night mode when it gets dark, which helps to optimize the energy use. Finally, don’t use animated wallpapers, which have no real benefit, and reduce the backlight even more.

Battery saver mode: A mode that lives up to its name
Low power mode extends your iPhone’s battery life by reducing its energy consumption. You can activate it in the battery settings when your battery level is low. It dims the screen, optimizes the CPU, and disables background processes. You can still use essential functions like phone, messaging and internet. Low power mode deactivates automatically when your battery is charged.

Location service: A turn-off for your phone and battery?
Turning off location services for the app saves battery. Location services use more power because GPS needs satellites and data or Wi-Fi to locate and measure distances. Data or Wi-Fi are necessary for it to operate more efficiently, but they increase the power consumption. Turning it on only when you need it may help extend your battery life.

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