Swappie collaborates with ThePhoneLab to collect used smartphones

Swappie collaborates with ThePhoneLab to collect used smartphones

Swappie, the Finnish marketplace for pre-owned Apple iPhones, has partnered with ThePhoneLab in the Netherlands to gather old devices. Studies indicate that 31% of Dutch consumers favor a tangible collection site for the personalized service it provides. Swappie inaugurated its inaugural collection point in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, this past October, and is now incorporating ThePhoneLab’s ten venues.

With ten locations across the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague, Haarlem, and Alkmaar, ThePhoneLab offers a network of physical collection points. This partnership with Swappie provides consumers with more options and streamlines the process of selling their smartphones to the refurbished market. The convenience of a local drop-off point often plays a crucial role for individuals when deciding to sell their phones to a refurbishing company. While the Swappie website remains the primary method for most, where they can get an instant quote and mail their device for evaluation and payment, the physical stores offer a personalized alternative.

According to Swappie’s records, 40% of Finnish users prefer a physical location to sell their Apple iPhones, and wouldn’t have proceeded without it. They choose to oversee the delivery process to safeguard the smartphone’s return condition. Swappie then takes complete responsibility for the iPhone’s condition and packaging once it’s returned.

Martine Hardeveld Kleuver, Country Manager for the Netherlands and Belgium at Swappie emphasises on their partnership by stating that “I think it is important that consumers can easily make a sustainable choice. ThePhoneLab shares our enthusiasm for giving phones a second life, and now this will be possible for even more people in the Netherlands”. Similarly, Job Hoogendam, Sustainability Officer at ThePhoneLab, adds that “Over the past nine years, we have given a second life to more than half a million mobile phones with ThePhoneLab in our ten stores. This collaboration with Swappie further increases our impact on the reuse of iPhones”.

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