The compact Swiss company Trant is set to partner with Galaxus

The compact Swiss company Trant is set to partner with Galaxus

Trant, a relatively small-scale supplier of refurbished phones in Switzerland, observes a growing demand in the B2B segment for such devices. The company is now eager to attract consumer interest by highlighting the quality of their products, which are newly listed on Digitec Galaxus AG, the largest e-commerce platform in Switzerland.

Trant’s partnership has expanded their range of smartphones available to customers. They emphasize that each device undergoes a thorough inspection and certification process to guarantee top-notch performance and dependability. As a smaller market participant, Trant’s sales figures hover around 1,000 devices monthly. Their business model is distinctive due to the absence of a central warehouse; instead, they rely on a network of over 20 suppliers to deliver products directly to customers, which is a cost-effective strategy.

However, this raises questions about the sustainability of Trant’s value proposition. With direct shipping from suppliers, Trant eliminates traditional storage costs, passing on the savings to their customers. Yet, the ease with which suppliers could opt to sell directly to consumers poses a potential challenge to Trant’s ongoing relevance in the market. The company’s future may hinge on its ability to maintain the added value that justifies its role in the supply chain.

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