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Vodafone announces climate transition plan

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Vodafone has taken a significant step in its environmental commitment by releasing its Climate Transition Plan (CTP), as announced by Joakim Reiter, the Group’s Chief External & Corporate Affairs Officer. The plan outlines Vodafone’s dedication to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving net zero, a state where the gases added to the atmosphere are balanced by those removed. Validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) and maintaining its position on the CDP “A-list,” Vodafone’s CTP is a testament to the company’s transparent and ambitious climate goals.

The CTP details Vodafone’s roadmap to net zero from FY 2025-27, including managing climate-related risks and building resilience into the business. Developed in line with the UK Transition Plan Taskforce’s framework, the plan recognises regional differences in energy supply and renewal availability. Consequently, Vodafone has set distinct regional net zero targets for its operational Scope 1 & 2 emissions in Europe and Africa, acknowledging the need for varied speeds in their climate change strategies.

Vodafone’s Protecting the Planet strategy focuses on net zero, enablement, and circularity, aiming to increase energy efficiency, phase out fossil fuels, and utilise renewable energy sources. Despite a 20% increase in energy consumption from the 2020 baseline, Vodafone has invested €31 million in energy efficiency and renewable projects. The company’s efforts have enabled the avoidance of an estimated 32.8 million tCO2e this year, with plans to further reduce emissions through its IoT connections and network waste management practices. By 2026, power purchase agreements in Europe are expected to generate 39% of Vodafone’s grid electricity from renewable sources, marking a significant contribution to the company’s environmental goals.

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