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Bouygues Telecom pairs up with Back Market

Bouygues Telecom pairs up with Back Market

In a pioneering move for France, Bouygues Telecom has partnered with Back Market to offer refurbished smartphones bundled with mobile plans. This innovative approach aims to break down the barriers to adopting second-hand devices, which have been popular among French consumers, with nearly half having owned one. The initiative addresses concerns about product reliability and seller credibility, with telecom operators stepping in as trusted intermediaries. This model, reminiscent of car leasing, has been previously introduced by La Poste Mobile and Free Pro, offering rental options for refurbished phones to both individuals and businesses.

Starting June 13, Bouygues Telecom’s offer will include two 5G plans with a 24-month commitment, priced at 29.99 euros per month for the first year for Bbox customers. The plans come with substantial data allowances of 150 GB and 200 GB, respectively. To sweeten the deal, customers can enjoy an immediate discount of up to 200 euros on the purchase of a refurbished phone, enhancing the appeal of the second-hand market, especially in times of economic inflation where 72% of consumers turn to pre-owned devices to save money.

The environmental benefits of this initiative are significant, as the production of digital devices accounts for nearly 80% of their carbon footprint. By promoting the reuse of smartphones, Bouygues Telecom and Back Market are contributing to the reduction of global warming impacts, aligning with the eco-conscious values of consumers, particularly Generation Z. With a vast number of unused devices in French homes, the potential for the refurbished market is immense. This effort is further supported by Apple’s recent increase in trade-in values for old iPhone models, encouraging more consumers to recycle and repurpose their electronics.

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