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Eurefas adds Bechtle to its refurbished industry

Eurefas adds Bechtle to its refurbished industry

A new member has joined Eurefas, the European trade association. Bechtle Remarketing has become part of the select group of refurbishers’ representatives in Europe. The European refurbished industry is developing and promoting common interests, policies and positions, as sustainability grows in importance, and Eurefas is a vital actor in this.

While the association acknowledges that this industry is new, it also understands that it is vital to grow and support it. One of Eurefas’s main goals is to set and guarantee quality standards for end users. This involves a definite warranty period and various tests to ensure a pleasing experience for those who buy a refurbished device.

Through this partnership therefore, Bechtle joins an armada of well-known refurbished players, with the likes of Asgoodasnew, Swappie, Refurbished, Back Market and so many others, in Europe.

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