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New retail solutions from Deutsche Telekom and Havis to debut at EuroCIS 2024

New retail solutions from Deutsche Telekom and Havis to debut at EuroCIS 2024

As the retail industry evolves rapidly with digital transformation, Deutsche Telekom and Havis, two leading players in the sector, are ready to showcase their new innovations at EuroCIS 2024 in Düsseldorf, Germany. From February 27th to 29th, these companies will present solutions that aim to upgrade the retail experience, focusing on sustainability, efficiency, and state-of-the-art digital technology.

Deutsche Telekom and its partners ServiceNow and Cisco are launching innovative retail solutions. One of them is the ‘Instore Task Management’ system by T-Systems, which improves store operations and customer service. Deutsche Telekom will also showcase ‘Law Monitoring’ and the ‘Telekom Sustainability Manager.’ These tools help retailers comply with regulations and promote sustainability in their business. Moreover, the company offers workforce management services and fiber optics to support a holistic and sustainable digital transformation.

Deutsche Telekom and Havis showcase their retail solutions at EuroCIS 2024, which focus on sustainability and digital efficiency. These solutions address the current and future needs of retailers, covering IT infrastructure, legal compliance, sustainability, and customer engagement. The event in Düsseldorf highlights the importance of technology in creating a better retail experience for customers, businesses, and the environment. EuroCIS 2024 concludes with a vision of a future where digital transformation empowers retailers to succeed and lead in a sustainable and customer-oriented world.

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