Lenovo’s green tech move with refurbished tech

Lenovo’s green tech move with refurbished tech

Lenovo is embracing eco-consciousness and affordability with the launch of its Lenovo Certified Refurbished program. This new venture is dedicated to offering reconditioned PCs and various hardware, marking a significant step towards reducing e-waste. By revitalising technology, Lenovo provides consumers with more economical and eco-friendly alternatives. Initially, the program will be available in Denmark, France, Germany, and the UK, with hints from the tech powerhouse in Hong Kong of an impending expansion worldwide.

Lenovo’s recent study reveals that 62% of CIOs struggle with achieving their organisation’s sustainability objectives. In response, Lenovo’s introduction of refurbished devices presents a dual benefit: it provides businesses with a more budget-friendly option for obtaining hardware and supports their pursuit of sustainability targets. This initiative is in line with the principles of the circular economy, contributing to the reduction of electronic waste.

Lenovo is set to enhance its sustainable IT offerings by integrating the Lenovo Certified Refurbished program with TruScale DaaS, as highlighted by Anupam Garg, leader of Lenovo Digital Workplace Solutions Offering Development. This move aligns with findings from a 2023 study indicating a shift among CIOs towards -aaS solutions for their technology needs. Lenovo’s approach promises not only cost savings but also efficient management and waste reduction. Moreover, the refurbished devices will undergo rigorous data sanitisation, ensuring that critical components are securely wiped, maintaining high standards of quality and security for customers.

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