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Orange Polska and R.Power join forces for solar power infrastructure

Starting from July 2024, Orange Poland will switch to solar power for its infrastructure, thanks to a long-term Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (cPPA) with R.Power. This deal will help the Polish market move towards clean and green energy. R.Power will supply Orange Poland with 600 GWh of solar power over 10 years, from 2024 to 2034.

As part of their commitment to reduce their direct and indirect CO2 emissions, the telecom also aims to use renewables for at least 65% of its energy needs by 2025 and become net climate neutral by 2040 or sooner. This 10-year agreement will therefore boost the supply of green energy in Poland.

To recall, the operator’s needs led Enertrag to build a wind farm for Orange Poland, who signed a long-term deal to buy renewable energy from them in 2021. The Greater Poland region also has Orange Poland wind farms.

Liudmila Climoc, president of Orange Polska emphasised on their sustainability path by stating that “we are already fulfilling our strategic goal of meeting most of our energy needs from renewable sources by 2025, even taking into account the dynamically growing traffic in our network”.

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