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Telekom Deutschland’s subsidiary Congstar launches online smartphone portal

You can now sell your working smartphones on Congstar’s portal, whether you are a congstar customer or not. Congstar works with the service provider Assurant, who takes care of reusing or recycling the smartphones that are bought and which also helps to extend the life cycle of smartphones and reduce waste.

When you list your second-hand smartphone for sale on the site, you need to give the model name and IMEI number of the device and must also describe the condition of the device and report any damage. An initial offer for your smartphone will then be sent to you and if you accept the offer and provide your personal details, you will be entitled to a refund. The device will be inspected and verified using the information you have provided, and finally you will receive payment.

Selling your smartphone this way may not be the best option for you – you have to remember that the platform operator, in this case Congstar with Assurant, also wants to earn some money. Basically, you agree to a lower price, but you save yourself the hassle of dealing with other buyers and selling methods.

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