Smaaart voted as one of the benchmarks for refurbished phones in France

Smaaart voted as one of the benchmarks for refurbished phones in France

UFC Que Choisir placed a refurbished smartphone from this company based in Saint-Mathieu-de-Tréviers, north of Montpellier, at the top of its comparison list. Well ahead of the much better-known marketplaces, which are crushing the competition in the second-hand phone market. In this blind test carried out by the specialists from the consumer magazine, the SME was voted top with a score of 18.6. A real reward for its expertise, with Jacqueline Pistoulet, director at Smaaart, admits that this has certainly given them a great deal of visibility.

Eleven years ago, the company nearly faced closure but was saved by five employees who saw potential in the then-nascent refurbished market. Today, their faith has paid off with a team of 130, consistent double-digit sales growth, and a robust refurbished smartphone market in France, now comprising about 20% of sales, a reconditioned market sector likened to the automobile industry by founder Jean-Christophe Estoudre.

Jean-Christophe Estoudre emphasises three key rules when purchasing a second-hand phone: First, verify the seller’s identity to ensure French consumer law protection. Second, check the warranty details, particularly for the battery, which should be covered for 12 or 24 months at Smaaart. Lastly, confirm the location of customer service to avoid complications in case of an exchange, with a preference for services based in France for better protection.

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