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Telia adopts solar panels for forty three mobile sites

Telia adopts solar panels for forty three mobile sites

Sunly City and Telia Estonia have partnered to enhance Telia’s mobile network with renewable energy, constructing 43 solar installations near Telia’s masts within the past year. This initiative allows customers to utilize solar-powered mobile services. The project, aiming to complete solar setups at 100 masts by the end of 2024, continues to progress this year.

Telia Estonia’s CEO, Holger Haljand, has described the solar installations as the company’s most extensive renewable energy initiative thus far, stating that “The entire Telia Company group – including Telia Estonia – has committed to achieving net-zero emissions and 100% reuse and recycling of waste by 2030,” he says. “Our ambitious goals are aimed at responsible digitalization, involving all our employees, partners and suppliers. The use of renewable energy is a very good example of how we are moving towards achieving our goals”.

Telia Estonia’s network manager, Mihkel Kõiv, for his part reports that the company constructed 40 solar installations next to its mobile masts in 2023 and expanded the initiative with 3 more at the start of this year and said that “We are making plans for 2024 and preparing for more construction work,” he says. “The plan is to collaborate with our partner to activate nearly all of the 100 solar installations by the end of this year”.

To recall, Sunly City and Telia’s joint solar project is set to achieve a production capacity of 1,200 kW. Telia’s climate strategy aligns with the SBTi Net-Zero Standard, targeting net-zero emissions by 2040. This includes a 90% reduction in emissions from 2018 levels and neutralizing the remainder. By 2030, Telia aims to halve its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and offset the balance as part of its journey towards net-zero.


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