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UKTV dedicates £1 million worth of airtime to support the Everyday Sustainability campaign

UKTV dedicates £1 million worth of airtime to support the Everyday Sustainability campaign

UKTV is unveiling its innovative Everyday Sustainability campaign, committing £1 million worth of airtime across its seven channels and streaming service, UKTV Play. The initiative aims to inspire sustainable living choices among viewers, with a particular focus on addressing the prevalent issue of food waste during its inaugural year. In collaboration with the climate action NGO WRAP and their Love Food Hate Waste initiative, UKTV seeks to combat the staggering 6.6 million tonnes of annual household food waste in the UK. To underscore its commitment to sustainability, UKTV consulted with WRAP, a leading climate action NGO operating globally since 2000.

The campaign launch on October 14th will feature an average of 100 spots per week across UKTV’s network for twelve months. The promotional content, a collaboration between UKTV Creative and the Love Food Hate Waste team, employs a humorous approach to encourage viewers to reconsider their food waste habits. With engaging anthropomorphized food items, the campaign emphasizes the importance of avoiding unnecessary waste.

Sarah Goldman, Director of Advertising, UKTV stated, “Sustainability is one of the core pillars of UKTV’s strategy, and the Everyday Sustainability campaign has been designed to harness the power of our network to inform and inspire viewers. The statistics about food waste are alarming, so I am delighted that we are working with the experts at Love Food Hate Waste to nudge people into more sustainable behaviours.”

Catherine David, Director, Behaviour Change & Business Programmes at WRAP said, “It is a pleasure to be working with UKTV to highlight the huge issue of household food waste, and what we can all do to make more sustainable choices in our everyday lives. We are delighted that Love Food Hate Waste tips will reaching UKTV’s huge audience.”

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