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Why refurbished phones are good for you and the planet

The smartphone industry is constantly evolving along with its increased implications on the environment. A sustainable way to address this problem is the growing popularity of buying refurbished phones. Here’s a quick look at the perks when opting for refurbished products!

The impacts on environmental and E-Waste

Smartphones are reliant on components such as rare earths, plastics and metals, and extracting and processing them leaves a large footprint on the environment, causing pollution and resource depletion. Additionally, while contributing to carbon emissions and e-waste, these unwanted phones often end up in landfill sites, where hazardous toxins can be emitted into the environment.

Lowering the demand for new resources and carbon emissions

This decline in brand new materials represents a key factor in conserving resources and reducing the environmental damage caused by the extraction and processing of resources. As the energy-intensive manufacturing process is avoided, reconditioned phones emit far fewer greenhouse gases than new phones.

Affordability and warranty

The most attractive feature of refurbished phones is their affordability. At a fraction of the cost of their new equivalents, consumers can own top-of-the-range smartphones at a lower price, with their warranties. This guarantee underpins confidence in refurbished products as possible alternatives to new ones.

Supporting a circular economy and promoting sustainable consumption

Designed to last, be reused and eventually recycled, minimising waste and maximising resource efficiency, this is beneficial for the natural environment and encourages manufacturers to incorporate a focus on longevity.

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